How do I manage my subscription on the new website?

Your subscription is being transferred to our new site and should be active within the next few days. We will send you an email when the transfer is complete and it's ready to access!

How do I pause my subscription on the new website?

We have switched to a new subscription provider, and they offer "skips" instead of the ability to "Pause" your subscription. If you won't be around to accept your subscription, (or have a backlog of veggies!) you can 1) skip your weekly order or 2) send your subscription to a friend by logging into your account and swapping your subscription to send to a friend.

Will you be raising prices?

No! Our prices will stay the same for 2022 ✌️

Will you be offering more products?

Yes! We hope to continue to expand our add-ons and bring you some more options and delicious pantry items. Stay tuned to see what we add next.

How do I redeem a gift card from the holidays?

If you have a gift card from before March 2022, please contact Lauren to get set up in our new system: lwilliams@kinfood.com

Please note: your gift card expires after one year.

What farmers will you be working with this year?

While we are always looking to have a variety of diverse farmers we work with we are excited to be working with a number of key partners like Dear Table Farms.

Do you offer corporate discounts?

We do offer special rates for companies. If you would like to get your company set up as a corporate partner for special pricing and to set up a pick-up location at your office, please email Lauren at lwilliams@kinfood.com.

Are you looking for additional pick-up locations?

Yes! We are hoping to expand our footprint in Seattle and will add more pickup locations as that evolves. If you'd like to suggest a location, please contact Lauren at Lwilliams@kinfood.com

How do I get more involved?

We are always looking for new farmers as well as businesses to feature and people to collaborate with. If you are interested in working with us please email us at seattle@kinfood.com.

Are you looking for investors?

It's our goal to bring Kinfood to as many cities as possible, and we're exploring our funding options to make this a reality. If you're interested in potentially joining a seed round, please contact Kelly at hello@kinfood.com.

Are you looking for others to open Kinfood locations? How does the business model work?

Each Kinfood is owned and operated by a local Kinfoodie with the support of our HQ. We are absolutely looking to expand into other markets and hope to grow our community later in 2022. Get in touch with Kelly if you want to learn more at Kelly@kinfood.com .