Kinfood Announces New Pick-up Location at Cone & Steiner

Kinfood Announces New Pick-up Location at Cone & Steiner

Kinfood customers can select to pick up their Farm Box orders and shop Cone & Steiner for any needed ingredients to make Kinfood’s weekly recipes. 

January 1, 2022 -  Kinfood and Cone & Steiner have just brought good news for local food lovers, announcing that customers can now opt to pick up their Kinfood Farm Box at Cone & Steiner in Pioneer Square on Fridays from 12:00 noon until 7:00 p.m.

Cone & Steiner is centrally located for customers who live or work near downtown and prefer the safety and convenience of a pick-up option.  The delivery location also allows customers  who live outside of Kinfood’s delivery parameters to order a Farm Box.  

Customers who order a Kinfood Farm Box will receive a shopping list for any needed pantry ingredients to make the seasonal recipes of the week that highlight the local Farm Box produce. These items will be available at Cone & Steiner to purchase and customers will receive 10% when they show their Kinfood order confirmation. 

With increasing concerns about sustainability,  Kinfood and Cone & Steiner are also excited about the reduction in CO2 emissions and environmental pollution that a pick-up location can help achieve by keeping more cars off the road.  It’s an exciting partnership that provides more ways to shop local. 

Cone & Steiner 

135 S King St

Seattle, WA 98104


Kinfood Pick-up Hours

Fri, 12 PM–7 PM


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